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An appreciation of Yelapa’s small views

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Yelapa skyI woke up at 5:30 Thursday morning feeling peaceful and rested. Went down to the kitchen and made salsa Mexicana while I was waiting for the coffee to brew. It’s so quiet at this hour. The ocean is calm this morning. Gentle waves often mean a beautiful, clear day. Coffee mug in hand, I waited for the sun as I continued reading No Boundary, one of Ken Wilber’s early works. As the sky began to lighten I was delighted to see hardly a cloud. It promised to be a beautiful, sunny day!

It was a busy day of cleaning palapas, getting ready for new guests arriving. I made two jaunts into the pueblo for supplies, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views along the pathway. I was aware that there is the large view – the ocean, the jungle, the sky; but there are also many small views – plants growing from seemingly impossible places out of the rocks, a tiny two-inch humming bird feeding from a flower, crabs scurrying across the rocks – tiny dramas being played out everywhere.

Yelapa clotheslineColorful sights today included not only many varieties of flowers, but dozens of clotheslines burdened with laundry, drying in the sun.

Animal sightings: besides the tiny humming bird, Chrissi spotted a pod of dolphins in the cove this morning, and the pelicans were in excellent form, displaying themselves on the bows of fishing boats and congregating on rock formations like old men on park benches, passing the time. Often we see pelicans in “squadrons,” flying in formation so close to the water that the tips of their wings actually skim the waves from time to time. The typical feeding pattern of these brown pelicans is to dive into the water from great heights to scoop up unsuspecting fish. It’s quite a spectacular sight. But with so many fishing boats nearby, our pelicans get lazy, just waiting for a free lunch from the fishermen.

Yelapa pelicans

More beautiful weather promised for tomorrow – sunny and in the 80s. What a way to spend January!


4 thoughts on “An appreciation of Yelapa’s small views

  1. Sarah Brewer

    Sounds glorious! I wish we were there with you!

  2. Patrick & Sherrane Roof.

    What a contrast between where you are and the ice and snow of the southern Cascades where, of course, we are. Sending best wishes for the new year. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos.

  3. Barbara Haddon

    So glad you are getting a good rest! Hope your wonderful weather continues.
    Do you want to hear pastoral notes from home or is this total vacation?

  4. Dotty Rose (and John)

    Sounds great! I can picture the things you wrote about, the humming birds, also butterflies, the big pelicans on rocks. I have pictures of some someplace. Martha leaves next week for India. What a world traveler she is! We have our daughter Carol and husband Duane here this week for our birthaversary. (my 85th and our 62nd) and Carol’s 53rd all on Jan. 28.

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