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Thank you Monica for your help with Yelapa animals

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dogRecently one of our guests returned to EL Jardin with a huge suitcase filled with supplies and medications for the animals of Yelapa.  Monica writes this:

I recently returned from a trip to Yelapa to try and help out the dogs and cats I met on my first

visit in October. When I was last at El Jardin, I was fortunate enough to build a great friendship

with Chrissi and Bruce. They have been unwavering in their support of my goals in Yelapa and

have helped out in every way possible. So, with a suitcase full of supplies and a big plans, I

landed on the beach with the well-being of the local animals in mind and a plan to do something

to improve their lives.

While my original goal of a spay and neuter clinic did not come to fruition, I did meet a couple

of amazing ladies that I am sure will help me make that a reality in the near future. Dana is an

incredible woman that is already doing much to help the pets in Yelapa. She and I headed up

the Rio to hand out flea and tick prevention and shave some dogs. It was such an education for

me in what I can do to help out the most. These dogs need tick prevention in a big way! Erlichia

is a tick borne disease that can have devastating effects including kidney failure and neurologic

symptoms. It can be treated, but is becoming resistant to the usual antibiotics. Prevention is


I also met Kendra who is an integral part of the community. I am sure with her knowledge of

how things work in Yelapa, she can give me great information in how to accomplish all of my

lofty goals. I am very excited to return with another suitcase full of medication and get to work!

For more pictures, go to: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/103546386389076625581/albums/6014972282453776113?cfem=1&sort=1&authkey=CN2GrLC8m6aGGg

2 thoughts on “Thank you Monica for your help with Yelapa animals

  1. Dana Hutson

    Look forward to doing more with you,Amiga . Thank you so much from me and the dogs and cats.

  2. Heather

    Amazing….I have always had so much love for the Yelapa ‘beach dogs!’

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