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Plastic Recycling

As you may guess, plastic is one of the most prolific  products that we have to deal with in Yelapa.  Because all the trash has to boated out, we are constantly trying to figure creative ways to deal with all the plastic that comes in.  At this writing Mexico does not have a system in place for plastic recycling. We, however,  just received this bit of information from Kendra Gracia:

Plastic Recycling through Vallarta Adventures:   Plastic recycling pick up is every Monday around 10:30 AM at the town pier and around 1:30 PM at Rogelio’s on the beach.   These times are approximate as Vallarta Adventures picks up plastic at the town pier when they drop their tourists off and picks up plastic at Rogelio’s when they pick up their tourists to bring them back to Puerto Vallarta.  Separate your plastic and bring it to the closest pick up point to help keep Yelapa beautiful!  And please spread the word!

NOTE:  Vallarta Adventures does not sell our plastic.  They have agreed to carry away our plastic for no charge and no party involved in this program incurs any financial gain from the arrangement.

We continue to encourage our guests to bring their own refillable water bottles…we have wonderful filtered water.


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