Sébastien Gauthier

Growing Pineapples at El Jardin

Growing pineapples here at El Jardin is so much dang fun.  First, you are taking something that most people throw away,  planting it in the ground and later that same year it will bear the cutest little baby pineapple you have ever seen. Pineapples are the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family.  And we are so blesed to know what to do with  them.  So here is how we do it…when someone buys a pineapple in town I ask for the leafy top part.  I take any extra fruit bits off and strip off the first several layers of small leaves at the base.  Then I set it out in the garden to “heal” or dry out for a day. If you plant them before they are healed you have an extra concern of pests getting into the fresh parts.  Once healed, I just dig a nice little shallow hole in “Pineapple Plantation”  and plant it. It sometimes will take a year before we get a new pineapple , but when they finally arrive it’s a time of wonder and awe…
SAM_0581-001 plus they are very pretty.


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