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Nicole is here for the winter!

photo-1We are excited to have Nicole Oakland here at El Jardin and Casas Santa Cruz for the winter season (December through February)!   Check out her bio below…

Nicole Oakland moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997 after getting a liberal arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology in Texas. After working in the museum world for years, she decided to pursue her interest in the natural health world by studying massage at East West College of the Healing Arts in 2002. Upon graduating, she started practicing massage at a top chiropractic clinic, where she quickly gained knowledge and experience in working with patients with acute, chronic, and serious injuries. She continued her work there for over 10 years, seeing many patients in the process and becoming a highly requested therapist. She also has first hand experience healing from injuries with the help of massage therapy. As well as her work at the chiropractic clinic, she worked in conjunction with acupuncturists, Chinese medicine doctors and Naturopaths in her own practice for 10 years before leaving Portland to travel the world. She has been to 25 countries in two years and is addicted to the life of the traveler. She receives massage every where she goes, has studied with seasoned teachers, and exchanges information with fellow therapists. She has also studied herbal medicine for many years and feels blessed to have learned from some very special healers. She is excited to share her skills in Yelapa at El Jardin. You can book appointments at El Jardin (call 209-5284 or stop by).
Prices are as follows:

  • $30USD/30 minutes
  • $60USD/1 hour
  • $85USD/1.5 hours

If USD are not available to you, pesos will be accepted.


One thought on “Nicole is here for the winter!

  1. margaret roncone

    I received a fabulous massage by Nicole whie staying at beautiful El Jardin last week. Her soothing hands paired with the sound of the sea were an added bonus to my stay at El Jardin.

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