Sébastien Gauthier

Morning in Yelapa

I love the mornings, I’m a morning person.  Right now I have been getting out of bed about 7, not an unthinkable hour to get up, but in Yelapa  at 7am it’s still pitch black, feels like you are getting up in the middle of the night.  I go to the kitchen , make a pot of good  Mexican roast coffee, then sit in the courtyard and watch the sun come up.  If my husband Stephen were here, this would be our “talking time”.  I am watching the pelicans.  They sit on the rocks pretending to be uninterested, but I know they are in fact, waiting…waiting for the right moment when their little eyes spy a movement of fish near by, then bam…they dive in and  come out with a pouch full.  They then tip their heads back, drain the water and swallow the whole lot of whatever they caught.  They look so clumsy and frumpy, but can fly so low to the water that they are only inches above the surface.  They are very gregarious, sitting out there on the rocks gossiping like old men with double chins, pot bellies and little tufts of hair coming out of their heads.
”The Pelican, the pelican, his bill can hold more than his belly can!”


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