From Puerto Vallarta airport to “Los Muertos” pier

To get to Yelapa, you first must travel to Puerto Vallarta, which is located on the west coast of Mexico. Your next task is getting transportation into town.
You need to get to “Los Muertos” pier to take a water taxi, since there are no cars in Yelapa.
You can also come to Yelapa via Boca de Tomatlan, if you arrive to late to catch the last water taxi from Los Muertos.
Allow 25-40 minutes travel time between the Airport and Los Muertos Pier, depending on traffic.
Allow 0:50-1h00 to go to Boca de Tomatlan.


Before exiting the airport, you will see a couple of booth marked TAXI. You can buy your taxi ticket here, this way you are certain you are paying the right price. Buy a taxi for ZONE #2, Los Muertos pier.
The cost to Los Muertos is 300 pesos per cab (1 to 3 people). To go to Boca de Tomatlan it is between 400-500 pesos per cab (1 to 3 people).

Or…you can politely decline these offers and  walk across the pedestrian overpass, to the left after exiting the airport and another quick left to get on the over pass, there is a taxi stand on the other side of the road. These taxis are cheaper since they do not pay airport tax. To Los muertos its between 180-200 pesos per cab and Boca de Tomatlan 400 pesos more or less.

Piers (Water-taxis)

There are daily departures from two different locations in Vallarta, the most common one is at Los Muertos pier, located right in downtown Puerto Vallarta in the “zona romantica” or “old Vallarta”.

The second one is further away and is called Boca de Tomatlan which is the last beach to the south of Vallarta. If you get into Vallarta late and will miss the 5pm boat at Los Muertos (or you would like to spend less time in a boat), Boca is a good option to use as a port. It is approximately a 50 minute to an hour taxi ride from the airport. They will let you off at the bottom of the hill and to the right. Just go to the pier.


There is also a travel offices with information about Yelapa located half a block going down from the street to Los Muertos Pier.  You can buy your tickets at these offices.

Please remember you will be on Mexico time, so times of departure will vary. The times vary with the season and don’t be surprised if a “scheduled” water taxi isn’t quite on schedule…relax, have a drink at one of the many beach cafes, enjoy the area…the water taxi will get there eventually.

We can also make arrangement, with a extra fee, to have your personal water taxi for late arrivals or simply to enjoy a private trip to our facilities.

 Drop off point in Yelapa

There are three primary water taxi drop-off locations in Yelapa: the Main Beach, the Yelapa town Pier and Playa Isabel. Sometimes they also stop at the Lagunitas pier(private). You will want to disembark the water taxi at Playa Isabel. Prepare to get your feet wet! Playa Isabel is, what you call, a wet landing. You will be disembarking directly on the beach.

El Jardin is located on “The Point,” approximately 100 yards on the right, down the path from Playa Isabel. Just a 1 or 2 minutes walk. If cant get off at playa Isabel because weather does not permit, get off at the town pier. It is a 10 to 12 minute walk back to El Jardin.

Water taxi schedule and prices

Water taxi – Los Muertos pier to Yelapa – 500 Pesos, round trip, per person. 300 one way

Water taxi – Boca de Tomatlan to Yelapa – 120 Pesos per person one way.

Water taxis departures from PUERTO VALLARTA (Los Muertos Pier) to YELAPA

10am, 11am, 11:45am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Water taxis departures from BOCA DE TOMATLAN to YELAPA

9am to 6pm departing about every hour.