Sébastien Gauthier

Full MoonTribute to Isabel

4156088426_464a802eb9_z Those of you who know Yelapa and were fortunate enough to know Isabel Jordan, know that usually a party of some kind naturally formed around her.  Tonight is a full moon and as I walked past Playa Isabel with the brilliant reflection bouncing off the water I couldn’t help but remember many a full moon night when we would hear Izzy give a wild tongue wagging call that would bring any within hearing distance to come skinny dip under the lunar sparkle.  As I was smiling at those memories, I couldn’t help but run up the steps at casa Isabel and search for Beverly to join me for a late night full moon tribute to Isabel .  Both of us have a pretty full October schedule of rushing to get all the chores of readying the casas for the November season to start.  But tonight, for that window of time, we bared all, relaxed, floated, laughed and remembered our friend, Isabel.


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