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Children’s Health

Last month our local nurses and doctors, with the help of a volunteer doctor from Europe, visited the schools to give free checkups. The most prevalent problem encountered concerned the children’s mouths. About 50% of the kids had dental problems. There was also a fair amount that had lice or fleas as well. Fortunately there were not many bone problems to report. The clinic will have a dentist in house covered by Seguro Popular, but they do not expect him/her to be here in the very near future. Until then they tried to encourage regular cleanings. There is a new dentist in town that can provide these services.


2 thoughts on “Children’s Health

  1. Lori

    We are coming to Yelapa in Feb 2013 – anything we can bring for the kids: toothbrushes/toothpaste, school supplies, ?? Thanks ! Lori

    • Chrissi

      School supplies are always needed, ..pencils, composition tablets. I’ll check with the teachers on Monday and see what would be best .Thanks

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