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What WAS that noise????

Chachalaca birds in YelapaEvery once in a while, I am shocked from whatever task I’m working on by a screechy, clucky, very LOUD clatter.  My first thought is “the train has arrived”, but alas, there are no trains in Yelapa… but there are Chachalaca birds in Yelapa.  Chachalacas are large chicken like birds that remind me of a large pheasant but not as colorful.  However, what they may lack in pigment, they make up in character and of course, sound.  They tend to hang out in the trees around our place, but I often see them hopping about chasing whatever tasty treat they have their eyes on at the moment.  Right now I think that might be each other. They will forage up in the trees and yesterday I saw one hanging upside down, pecking away at what I hope was some wood devouring insect.  This photo is courtesy of the internet, as I have not been able to get one of these birds to sit still long enough to take it’s picture. They tend to be the most vocal in the mornings and evenings often changing the mood of that first relaxing cup of coffee.  They make me laugh with their loud boisterous cha cha la ca calls and hip hop bouncing.    Yet another wonderful plus for being in Yelapa.


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