Sébastien Gauthier

Autumn in Yelapa

IMG_20130928_175759757Autumn in Yelapa… I LOVE this time of year in Yelapa, however, if you know me, I say that about ALL the seasons in Yelapa. I come down every October to get the casas ready for the high season which begins in November. No matter how hard our summer caretakers work at keeping the place together, there is still a lot that needs to be done before we open the casas to guests. The summer rains act as Miracle Grow on all of the plants around us. Tiny sprouts that we started as small cuttings the year before have become giants in need of taming. I seldom go anyway without a pair of garden clippers and bag in my pocket, just in case I find the perfect plant to take a nip from. This is the perfect time for transplanting, even knowing that next year at this time I will be trimming it back.  The picture shown is Ginger planted from starts last year. The sometimes torrential downpours of the summer bring numerous situations that need to be remedied, paint needs to be touched up, laundry needs to be refreshed, cupboards cleaned, supplies brought in…it’s not “Spring Cleaning” around here, it’s always “Fall Cleaning” But even with all the work that needs to be done, there is an unsurpassed beauty. The hills are so green I sometimes wonder if I’m wearing tinted lenses. The quiet cool of the morning is a tonic for my soul and the warm ocean in the afternoon, a refreshment on my still unpracticed muscles. The fireflies are still out blinking their little night lights in search of a mate and a long winters rest and the incredible butterflies that emerge during the summer are still flitting about merrily. Ah, the morning sky pinkens as the sun starts it’s way up over the river. My day begins…another cupboard to clean, another beautiful Yelapa day to enjoy.







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