Laid back Mexico

Yelapa is an old charming Mexican fishing village set in its own natural cove.

Accessible primarily by panga (small boat), Yelapa provides a taste of rustic Mexico and is a laid-back retreat for those in search of a very informal lifestyle.

Yelapa has no cars, one paved pedestrian road and only received electricity about fifthteen years ago.

The tiny village is a true escape from civilization. Yelapa’s tranquillity is ideal for those looking to relax and really escaping the rush of everyday life. If you love the outdoors and want to spend time exploring nature, this idyllic spot is perfect for you.

Take a hike or ride a horse to the refreshing waterfall, swim or snorkel in the cove’s protected waters, parasail, go fishing or just relax on the expansive sandy beach enjoying a cocktail in the sun.