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School Work


Thanks to the efforts of many people, the Yelapa schools are getting some renewing. Here are some of the projects being done after the wonderful fundraising events:
The library is open and kids are eagerly reading the first of over 1,000 books that will fill the recently built shelves in the newly painted room.

Full bathrooms for the teachers are under construction
The kitchen facility is being tiled and renovated including the purchase of a long lasting, better stove
A new and improved playground area is being developed
Mattresses for the teachers have been donated and purchased (though more are needed).
A multi-function scanner/printer/photocopy machine and ink cartridges have been purchased.
Trash bins have been built by parents, teachers and kids and now dot the school grounds.
Beautiful cloth has been purchased and curtains are being sewn for windows.
Fresh coats of paint are being applied.
Repairs to plumbing and electrical are in the works.
For ways you can get involved,  please contact Pamela Rojas-Nunez at:    yelapachac@yahoo.com


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