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Getting here

To get to Yelapa, you must first get to Puerto Vallarta. This isn’t difficult; there are many flights offered by several airlines. Here is a link with some possibilities to consider: Air travel to Puerto Vallarta Once you are in Puerto Vallarta’s Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (code PVR) your next task is getting transportation into town. Before you leave the airport with your luggage you will receive a number of very persuasive and expensive offers (about $20 from very aggressive cab drivers) we recommend you politely decline these offers and take the local bus, which stops right in front of the airport and will cost you about 70 cents per person. If you take a bus that goes to the old part of Puerto Vallarta you will find inexpensive, clean accommodations close to the dock for the water taxi, which you will take the following morning. Getting Around in Yelapa… There are no cars in Yelapa. The foot paths are frequently punctuated with tree roots, rocks and other uneven surfaces. On land you either walk or ride a burro. You may easily cross the small cove from Casas de Santa Cruz to the main beach by kayak. If your swimming skills are moderate or better, you could also swim. Since nothing is very far away, walking is the preferred method of getting around. Scheduled departuresfrom Yelapa by water taxi leave twice daily during the peak season, and once a day in the summer. The price of this service is dependent on the distance that you travel. A round-trip ticket from Puerto Vallarta is about $20 USD. We recommend buying one way tickets, since you may choose to return by a different taxi company. It is best to be a little bit early to ensure that you do not miss the boat, as they do sometimes leave earlier than the scheduled departure time.

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