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Children’s Health

Last month our local nurses and doctors, with the help of a volunteer doctor from Europe, visited the schools to give free checkups. The most prevalent problem encountered concerned the children’s mouths. About 50% of the kids had dental problems. There was also a fair amount that had lice or fleas as well. Fortunately there were not many bone problems to report. The clinic will have a dentist in house covered by Seguro Popular, but they do not expect him/her to be here in the very near future. Until then they tried to encourage regular cleanings. There is a new dentist in town that can provide these services.

New Clinic in Yelapa

Note from Kendra Garcia:

Health Clinic: A great effort was made by community members to clean up the grounds at the health clinic on Feb 15th. Lots of leaves were swept up (and composted), trees were cut and/or trimmed, construction remains were thrown out, moved, or organized, a few plants were planted and more. 

The little health clinic in Yelapa has transformed into a beautiful, big building complete with an access ramp. Roberto Hernandez Viorato, our health clinic head nurse, spearheaded this project.  The secretary of health and representatives from Guadalajara visited the clinic on Feb 15 to determine what is left to be completed. Examination rooms will be furnished, screens will be put on the windows, curtains will be added as well as mosquito nets, landscaping, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The clinic is fully operational, but they will soon be fully operating as an institution that serves folks with Seguro Popular insurance. This is government provided insurance. The clinic has yet to receive this mandate, but have been notified to expect it. What this means is that if you do not have this insurance, you will no longer be able to be treated there when the change if made. If you need a consultation, you will be able to meet with the local doctors, but they will not be able to provide you with any medications or additional services. They will be able to do provide you with services like stitches – but again, they won’t be able to provide any medications. However, if you have FM2 or FM3 status or are a citizen, you can get this health insurance nearly for free. Yes, at almost no cost to you. There is no annual/monthly charge at all. The only expense would be the processing fee for the paperwork. You will need to gather up your CURP number (listed in your legal Mexican paperwork), your birth certificate, a local bill indicating your address of residence, and passport. As mentioned, there will be a small processing fee for the paperwork – I do not know just how much this will be yet. Nurse Roberto will help complete the paperwork, process it for you, and let you know when you can expect to pick up the insurance document you need. Roberto helped me process my paperwork for this about a year ago and it wasn’t difficult. Obviously this change will impact our tourists in the future, but, please, no need for mass panic yet. The Health Clinic and our local doctors are thinking about and working through solutions for how this impacts our very important and large tourist population.

Our current local doctors are David Bonilla Lara MPSS (here until July 31) and Robert Cesar Riguez Sanchez (here on contract). They are pictured in one of the attached photos. Dr. David Bonilla Lara is standing.

Women’s Health: On Feb 22 and 23 the health clinic is providing FREE cervical and breast cancer exams for women with seguro popular insurance. Please, please help spread the word to all your local lady friends in town. Their health is so important!


Seventh Annual Women’s Art Week

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The local Veterinarian clinic

We support the work of the Pamela, the local veterinarian, in her spay/nueter clinic and have adopted several dogs and cats.  This is Lilly, who divides her time between the US and Mexico.